The story of VSI Leadership

is unique and comes from our history, experience, and vision for the future. It comes from a faith-filled journey of two people who learned much along the way. They now use those experiences to help others through leadership development and marketing services to help organizations grow.

If you were to ask us who we are, we would tell you that we are a consulting firm with a heart for one thing, and that is…

Influence is a primary focus word for VSI Leadership


One of the things that makes all organizations unique is the culture. VSI Leadership is no different. We have four values that represent our culture.


We know where we’re going in both long-term vision and strategy.


We are pursuing hard things, which calls for courageous leadership.


We have the confidence to overcome obstacles with determination and sound decisions.


We are friendly, compassionate, and considerate to others.

Vision Strategy Implementation Process


The VSI Leadership process is how we approach desired outcomes – a clear vision, organized strategy, and thorough implementation. We use this process to bring structure to leadership and marketing goals.

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