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Logos & Branding

A brand is the way a company, organization, or individual is perceived by those who experience it. It’s more than a logo, font, and colors. The values behind the brand are what drives decisions and builds trust. Important when communicating your purpose and story or repositioning your organization in the marketplace.

Logo Design

A modern logo with multiple versions for digital, print, and social media platforms.

Expanded Brand Guide

Visual identity + brand platform where we will fine tune vision, values, audiences and include any additional branding like merchandise or signage guidelines.

Basic Style Guide

Visual Identity that includes usage guidelines, color palette, and typography.

Brand Refresh

We'll take a logo and brand that is fundamentally strong, but that might feel a bit stale or outdated. We'll give it a facelift with a fresh look and feel.

A Few of Our Projects

Brand Guidelines mockup to give businesses marketing direction.
Logo and Branding
Branding VSI Leadership
Brand Guidelines