Do you lean into prayer or step away from prayer? For some of us prayer comes naturally. For others of us, it is not part of our daily routine and seems forced or even forgotten. However, prayer is an important opportunity for all of us to commune with God. And for many of us, it’s time to step it up in our prayer life.
Sometimes we turn to prayer only in times of great struggle. However, in the Bible, James lets us know that regardless of circumstance, we are to pray, showing our dependence on God. We learn in James 5:13-16, that we are to pray continually.
In sorrow… Pray.
If happy… Praise.
In all times… Trust.

Regardless of the circumstance, prayer is the mark of genuine faith.

3 Reasons why Prayer is important

  1. Prayer opens our eyes to what God is doing around us. It lets us see beyond ourselves.
  2. Prayer reminds us of our dependence upon God. It’s evidence that we know that we need Him in our lives.
  3. The time we spend in prayer reflects the value we have given God.
Believers have astounding power at our disposal through prayer, and we must not let it sit stagnantly. If we believe in the power of prayer, our time with God would be enormous.

Ways to be More Consistent in Prayer

A consistent prayer life means we must be intentional. Here are four ways to help us live lives of prayer.
  1. Focus on God, not yourself. Give Him the glory as the source of all blessings.
  2. Plan prayer. D.A. Carson reminds us, “We will not grow in prayer unless we plan to pray”. Plan prayer because there are too many things competing for our time.
  3. Seek out people to pray with. Find a prayer partner(s). Ask people how you can pray for them.
  4. Weave requests with praise. God’s word reminds us to not only ask but to also give praise.
  5. Pray scripture. When at a loss for your own words use God’s word for guidance. Say, “God, you tell us in your word that…” Claim God’s promises and truth.

Commit to Pray

Even if your prayer life has been dry, remember, consistent prayer takes intentionality. Make a plan and commit to continual prayer regardless of the circumstance. Stay dependent on God, not self, and give Him the proper value in your life.




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