Raise your hand if you’ve ever gone through struggles in home, work, or family. Well, we should all be raising our hands right now. We all know struggle, and it can take a toll on our faith.

There is some encouraging news. In the Bible, James 5:7-11 is written to those who are struggling and even oppressed. James challenges the believer to spring forward in faith, not only hearing the word but in doing the word. It’s being disciplined to do the Godly even if we might not feel like it.

Tenacious means to keep a firm hold of something. To be tenacious in our faith, we must keep a firm hold of our faith every day in all situations. We cannot become distracted. Tenacity requires perseverance and perseverance requires intentionality.

Ways to be Tenacious in Faith

1. Be Patient.

Christian patience is not a mere yielding to necessity. Be patient for the coming of the Lord. Be patient knowing that He is in control.

2. Stand Firm.

Establish your hearts in His truth. Let your faith be firm and unwavering. Resolve to be faithful in all situations. Be steadfast by being disciplined in the Word, clinging to Godly principles regardless of what culture is saying is acceptable.

3. Do Not Grumble.

When your life encounters hardship do not fall into grumbling or complaining, but fall into grace, forgiveness, and kindness.

Stay the Course

Keep the right perspective. Put your hope in the eternal, not the temporary. Live a life reflecting Christ rather than just claiming His name alone. Jesus has come to repair our lives and our brokenness. Claim Him with more than your words, carry His life so that your faith is evident by your actions. Don’t give up, stay the course.

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