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About VSI Leadership

About Us

Welcome to VSI Leadership, where we blend passion with purpose to redefine the landscape of business and leadership consulting. Founded in 2018 by Joel and Melissa Wayne, VSI Leadership has evolved into a dynamic force committed to excellence and making a meaningful impact in the business world.

Our Founders’ Vision

Joel and Melissa Wayne, as visionary leaders, initiated the journey of VSI Leadership with a shared vision of empowering organizations to thrive and individuals to excel. Their complementary skills and experiences set the foundation for a leadership development consultancy.

Initial Years

In the initial years, Joel Wayne spearheaded the growth of VSI Leadership while expanding his contributions to church and nonprofit endeavors. Simultaneously, Melissa Wayne took charge of marketing and human resources, becoming integral to the consultancy's identity.
As the consultancy thrived, Joel and Melissa Wayne acknowledged the changing dynamics of their professional focus. While business consulting remained a capability, the heart of VSI Leadership evolved towards collaborative growth. Our expanded focus accommodates the diversification of talents within the team, ensuring a holistic approach to leadership and business consulting.

Ready for Strategic Alignment?

Let's discuss how VSI Leadership can empower your organization through innovative and strategic HR consulting.