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How to Draw Lines of Conviction for Strong Leadership

As a leader, we are faced with decisions ALL. DAY. LONG. We can make black and white decisions that empower and firmly guide, and we can make decisions that fall into gray areas that may benefit ourselves but may also question our integrity. It often comes down to convictions – our firmly held beliefs and opinions. Our convictions guide our decision-making and leadership effectiveness in powerful ways.

In the Bible, we can look at the book of Daniel for some decision-making guidance. When Nebuchadnezzar defeated the Assyrians and Egyptians in 605 BC, the kingdom of Judah submitted to the Babylonians. King Nebuchadnezzar began to assimilate the people into a counter-cultural environment. After being taken with his friends into captivity, Daniel took a stand on godly principles while many compromised their convictions.

Draw Lines Where Scripture Draws Lines

Daniel drew the line where the Scripture did—unwilling to partake of the king’s food or drink. Later, he was unwilling to bow to the Babylonian gods. He drew clear lines that he would not cross. Even if the society around him disagreed, Daniel would not abandon scripture, refusing to step away from biblical integrity. Daniel quickly learned that God wanted to use him for something great, a catalyst for spiritual awakening.

As followers of Jesus, we must draw lines where Scripture draws lines.  We must align ourselves with God’s Word. Have you drawn Biblical lines in life?

Compromising situations will come in business and leadership. We must have lines drawn so that (1) Our faith isn’t meaningless, (2) We can have lasting leadership impact and (3) We can be used for something greater than we ever imagined. To do this we must have conviction.

Ways to Stand Firm in What You Believe

Examine where your hearts sits

Too often emotions get in the way and shape our decisions along with bitterness, resentment, and justification. Examine your heart and make sure your decisions come from a place of honest objectivity.

Deploy humility and wisdom

We may be faced with those around us who claim that we’ve got it wrong but cling to truth and demonstrate wisdom. Sometimes this means serving those who are difficult to serve.

Know the lines that you will not cross

Convictions flow from what we give ultimate authority. What determines your convictions? Convictions are often determined based on what a parent believed, what we were taught in school or what our friends think is right. Find your moral compass that will not waver based on what others think is correct.

Give God the proper value

Where you give authority determines your convictions. Give God the proper credit. Recognize that God gives all things. Daniel knew it was God who provided. It was God that gave them knowledge and understanding. God gave the opportunity to not only be influenced by the culture but for Daniel and his friends to impact the culture they were enslaved to.

Stand Firm in your convictions

We must choose to stay faithful to God and to not compromise with the world.  Daniel knew who God was, which led to him knowing who he would be.  As a leader, stand for God and do not give in to compromising situations and hang on as God uses you for greater leadership effectiveness around you.

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-Joel Wayne

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