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Steer: Eight Practices to Drive Leadership

Steer is a leadership book that is available now. In Steer, Joel Wayne lays out eight key practices that are essential for leading with greater influence. Each chapter has key takeaways and questions to consider. It’s a great read to inspire people within your organization so that they can focus on what’s most important and minimize leadership distractions. So, if you feel stuck in a leadership rut, Steer will kick you into gear for greater leadership impact.

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Steer: Eight Practices to Drive Leadership by Joel Wayne

“Take your team or organization through the book. You will be better for the journey. Your team will thank you.”

Thom S. RainerInterior Decorator

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What People Are Saying About the Book

Clear. Practical. Inspiring. I got this book as a recommendation from a friend. Reading through this with my co-workers has been a formative experience. I'm in a church leadership role, and this book has been a great resource for understanding what healthy organizational leadership can look like. This book provides talking points for leaders and teams in any organization.

Brad H.

Enjoyed and will be useful! Great read, with practical lessons that you can use in any leadership role or project that you tackle.

Robert F.

Steer is a fresh new read on leadership from a fresh new author. This is a no nonsense book that quickly helps you correct your leadership direction re-fuels your engine to lead. So quick in fact that I read the book and filled out the challenge questions all on a three hour flight home. I hit the ground full of fresh new energy for my leadership team.

Trip F.

Best directional book of 2019. Great read for leaders of big and small companies, non profits and household leaders. The principals are mostly the same and can be applied in wherever you see yourself wanting to lead well.

Amazon CustomerVerified

Steer is an eye-opening read that helps you assess your leadership skills and ask the difficult questions that must be answered in order for your organization to move forward and experience healthy growth.

Blake W. StevensErnst & Young Tax Partner

It is rare to find someone who is a highly effective leader who is also able to clearly communicate essential competencies that give influence and effectiveness. In the marketplace and in ministry Joel is a proven leader. It is a joy to see the results in his family, church, and community.

James JefferyPastor & Former University President